Our Team

Jerry Franks Photo

 Jerry Franks is a seasoned international R&D leader with over 15 years of executive experience and is responsible for the development and implementation of new profitable CPG products.  He is an accomplished strategist who in conjunction with Marketing and Sales leaders can skillfully develop a profitable business strategy that delivers competitive advantage based on an accurate translation of consumer insights. He is extremely responsive to broad executive direction to deliver financially justified programs and has a strong record of building organizations and teams to carry out those initiatives. Jerry very effectively manages the development and implementation processes and has gained a strong reputation as a leader effective at developing relationships on all executive and management levels within a company. Full Bio


Allan T photo

Allan Torney is a highly respected international R&D leader with over 30 years of executive experience. He is an accomplished technology strategist who in conjunction with Supply, Manufacturing and Commercial leaders can build a supply and capital framework capable of delivering a product portfolio with significant competitive advantage. He has an extremely detailed process and product knowledge across the CPG field that he utilizes to provide business relevant solutions. Allan is a talented futurist who can accurately predict the challenges that business will face in the future and provides a range of profitable technical options to overcome these. Full Bio


David Ragheb

David Ragheb is an executive leader with over 15 years of progressive positions in the consumer goods industry. He is an accomplished leader who can stretch executives and organizations to deliver absolute results. David has the ability to quickly understand the organizational culture and technical development opportunities, while maintaining a realistic goal oriented approach. A great motivator with the ability to see beyond today and guide organizations to focus on their success and mile tones.  He is known in the industry for his Executive Coaching skills along with top Quality and Food Safety technical leadership.  Full Bio